Case Study

ECerS Young Speakers Competition

Else Ellerman is the latest of a series of young researchers for whom the PMI has helped to compete in a prestigious European contest

“As part of the Student Speech Contest, I joined the 14th ECerS conference for young scientists in ceramics organised at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, representing the UK. The society aims to promote the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences obtained by young scientists in the field of ceramics. Amongst 17 other contestants from 17 different countries in Europe, I waited patiently to be called upstairs to present my 15-minute talk named “Understanding the Effect of Surface Properties of Bioactive Ceramics on Protein Attachment and Angiogenesis” in front of an 11-headed jury. In the meantime, we watched the many interesting talks of other contestants through a livestream giving us a unique insight into the ongoing research in the field of ceramics. It was a wonderful experience to present at a conference in such a setting (my first in-person conference and a lecture competition!), allowing me to gather first-hand knowledge, which I otherwise wouldn’t have had. At the closing dinner with a festive ambience, the winners of the competition were announced, and I was excited to hear that I got second place.”

“During my free time, I took the opportunity to visit the city of Novi Sad with its beautiful architecture and welcoming atmosphere accompanied by a group of fellow young scientists I met at the conference. The experience was unique, and I am very grateful that with financial support from the PMI Trust, I had been granted the opportunity to join this event that provided me with invaluable tools to further my research.”

ECerS – Student Speech Contest